Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Intolerance for the Other

The recent news about a Muslim girl being disallowed to rent a flat at Sanghvi Heights doesn't surprise me.

I know of previous instance where there was a strong resistance to rent out a flat to someone from Muslim . the bigotry shown was pretty shocking and saddening. People will give all sort of reasons to justify their prejudices. This kind of behaviour towards the minorities - whether it is people from other religions, other states (e.g North-East Indians), or other countries (African) is pretty rampant in all parts of India, and we need to have a systematic campaign to highlight the problems and slowly get people to be more open and tolerant towards the other.

Note to all builders/landlords
  • Treat everyone equally
  • Have a moral conscious
  • Understand your legal obligations

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sanghvi Heights - The builder drags his heels endlessly

Sanghvi Builders provide no respite to its customers. After 6 years, the building Sanghvi Heights is not ready and the builder is not responsive. One of the worst builders in Mumbai.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Dilip Sawant
Date: Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 2:14 PM
Subject: Re: Sanghvi Heights
To: Shailesh Sanghvi
Cc: Purnima Sharma Sanghvi , Sanghvi Sharma , Priyanka Katiyar Sanghvi , Amit Katiyar Sanghvi , Abhishek Toraskar Sanghvi , Arun Naik Sanghvi , abhishek toraskar , Sanghvi Purnima Sharma , "Sushma (new) Rajesh" , Sanghvi Ganjawala , Sanghvi Tiwari , Sanghvi Vijay Dasari , Advocate Barthakur Sanghvi , rashmi , Manjunath Shetty Sanghvi , "Rajesh Ramamurthy Kedar Barde"

Dear Mr Shailesh,
It is rather unfortunate that there is absolutely no first hand communication to us about any developments in the recent past... Inspite having paid the entire amount , I have no clue about the time the house shall be ready or any other details . I request a more proactive response from the management and I speak on behalf of everyone when I say we need to be contacted more often about the progress of our building.I am in urgent need of the house since I am losing a lot of money paying rent.The situation is very grave. Kindly pay heed to my plea and revert as soon as possible.
Dr. Dilip Sawant

--- On Thu, 22/11/12, Kedar Barde wrote:

From: Kedar Barde
Subject: Re: Sanghvi Heights
To: "Shailesh Sanghvi"
Cc: "Purnima Sharma Sanghvi" , "Sanghvi Sharma" , "Priyanka Katiyar Sanghvi" , "Amit Katiyar Sanghvi" , "Abhishek Toraskar Sanghvi" , "Arun Naik Sanghvi" , "abhishek toraskar" , "Sanghvi Purnima Sharma" , "Sushma (new) Rajesh" , "Sanghvi Ganjawala" , "Sanghvi Tiwari" , "Sanghvi Vijay Dasari" , "Advocate Barthakur Sanghvi" , "Sanghvi Dr. Sawant" , "rashmi" , "Manjunath Shetty Sanghvi" , "Rajesh Ramamurthy"
Date: Thursday, 22 November, 2012, 1:28 PM

Hello Shailash

We have not heard back from you since your last email a month ago

We have no idea what is happening at Sanghavi Wadala, every time we get answers saying all will be done in next 3-6 months but we have spend 5 yrs on this with no success

We need assurance and guarantee when this is likely to happen not just false promises

We also had a meeting on compensation but it seems that also has not been given which is a bit of shame

The investments done are by us is hard earned money working class person and we expect returns on our flat possession soon and not keep us waiting for another 5 yrs



On 27 October 2012 05:58, Rajesh Ramamurthy wrote:
Mr. Sanghvi,

This is the first time we have had some  proactive news on some development on the site, so glad to hear that BUT the meeting date has been pushed from September to October to now END November.. Not sure if you would call this "speedy" completion.

You had promised possession this Diwali..obviously that's not happening. What's the update on the hutment dwellers - have they been vacated? If not when is that happening ?

Rajesh Ramamurthy
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 16:14:20 +0530
Subject: Sanghvi Heights
From: sss
To: rajesh_ramamurthy; purnima.sharma; idsh; priyanka.sharma; katiyaramit; toraskar; arunaik15; atoras; kedarbarde; sharmapurnima
CC: rashmi; shetty

Dear All,

Further to our earlier correspondences I hereby inform you that we have received the sub-station approval and work thereof will be commencing shortly. As regards developments in other works is concerned, same are also in progress and I am hoping speedier completion thereof.

In view of the developments as aforementioned I propose to have a meeting with you all in around last week of November, 2012.

Shailesh Sanghvi

Sanjana Mansion, Near Nagina Hotel,
Dr. B.A. Road, Byculla (E), Mumbai – 400027.
Tel.: +91 - 022 - 23787000 (30 Lines)
Fax.: +91 - 022 - 2375 7777

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sanghvi Heights - False promises

Some of the folks who have booked homes in Sanghvi Heights went to the builder's office a couple of days ago. They were fobbed off with more excuses and promises. Excuses that there are problems with permission and resettlement. Promise that the possession will happen mid-next year. The promise looks completely hollow and empty, just like Sanghvi Heights itself.
There is plan to pay the builder a visit again soon. If you are interested, please get in touch with me - email in the side panel.
There are major worries
1. The possession was supposed to be given in June 2009. Till data even the structure (bricks and columns) are not done. How will the construction be complete next year
2. The builder is keen to build 20 floors even though he has permission for 10. Now, if he gives possession for flats upto floor 10 and then keeps building the flats above, do we have to suffer the dirt, noise and general nuisance of the building work.
3. There is a good chance that in a rush to complete the building, the fittings and finishing will be incomplete and of a poor quality.
4. 3 years the building has been standing there, getting exposed to the elements without any real maintenance. I am sure there has been structural deterioration.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Construction update - Jan end 2009

Credit crunch seems to be affecting Sanghvi Heights work.

Went there this Saturday to have a dekko. Very few construction workers on site. Hardly any machinery. The only real work going on was doing the brickwork on the fully constructed floors. I think they were doing it on floor 4.

8th floor slab is complete, and they are building pillars to support the 9th floor.

Going by the current rate, I would expect 2 more years for the building to be completed. Ho hum. More troubles for us.

They still keep us sending payment requests for work that has yet to start. Such brazenness!

Here are some pics

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

4th slab complete

Update from Rajesh Ramamurthy,

4th slab, third floor roof is now complete. The construction is on, but it is about 2-3 months behind schedule.

The builders need to pull up their socks and get the construction back on track.